- Dr. Ken Plaut -

Testimony — “Remarkably Better”


“Dear Dr. Plaut,

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you, not only for helping me with my pain, but for helping me to have the birth that I wanted.

During my pregnancy, I experienced a lot of pain in my pelvis (my pubic bones and my hips). I sought out chiropractic care, and after getting no relief with other chiropractors, Sue Turner, LM, a local midwife, recommended that I see you. She emphasized that you are comfortable working with pregnant women who were expecting. And she was right! After the first adjustment, my pain was dramatically reduced! In fact, within a few adjustments, my pain was gone. And, what’s more, my breech baby began moving around after each adjustment, and within a few sessions, he had turned head down! This was a huge accomplishment for me.

My fist baby was breech, and after trying everything else I knew of (inverted yoga poses, acupuncture, moxabustion, etc.), I finally had to resort to a painful medical procedure called an external cephalic version to turn my breech baby head down. This time, however, you aligned my pelvis for me and allowed my baby to turn on his own. That meant even more to me than relieving my pain. Thank you so much!

As a labor and delivery nurse and a childbirth educator, I plan on telling the world (or at least the pregnant women within my scope of influence) about you. Your work means so much to me. and I know it does to others as well. Keep it up!”

Thank you.





 Dr Plaut,

Quiero darle las gracias por ayudarme con mis dolores que sentia y tambien por ayudarme con embarazo.

Durante mi embarazo sentia mucho dolor en mi pelvis. Busque ayuda quiropractica pero no me ayudaba y mis dolores seguian. Me recomendaron contigo porque sabian que habias ayudado a otras mujeres embarazadas. Tenian razon!! Mi dolor mejoro mucho despues del primer ajuste y despues de mas ajustes mi dolor desaparecio por completo. Aparte de ayudarme con mi dolor me ayudaste a que mi bebe se moviera de posicion porque venia sentado. Despues de unas sesiones mi bebe estaba el la posicion con su cabeza hacia abajo. Esto fue un gran logro para mi.

Mi primer bebe tambien venia sentado y despues de intentar varias cosas me someii a un procedimiento para que mi bebe diera vuelta hacia abajo. En este embarazo el bebe se dio la vuelta solo despues de que alinearas mi pelvis. Esto significo mucho para mi y te doy las gracias.

Como enfermera de parto y educadora tengo planeado a las mujeres embarazadas de ti y trabajo. Significas mucho para mi igual a muchas otras personas.